Do you have a Classic Truck? Would you like a beefed up frame to handle the new engine you always wanted to put in your truck... maybe some independent suspension & big disc brakes to make it handle and stop. Come see us we can work with you on your timeline & budget.

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Do you have a Jeep or Bronco? Want to install an engine or transmission that no one has ever done? Maybe install a custom built differential? How about a braking system that really stops the vehicle, not just slows it down. We know how to install drive trains that don’t vibrate when accelerating or just cruising down the road. Give us a call or stop by...

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Do you have a muscle car? Have you ever wanted to feel the thunder of a 500+ HP engine while shifting through your new 6 speed transmission? We know how to accomplish this for you. Just give us a call and let’s make it a reality.

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Do you have the engine you want but nothing is working right? Need help with getting the engine to perform right, Help with electrical wiring components, installing air conditioning to keep the engine & transmission running cool. We can solve all these problems and more, give us a call.

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Do you have a vehicle that is difficult to control? Ever wonder why your 4x4 is not handling right, or the steering is almost uncontrollable, maybe the suspension handling feels unsafe or out of alignment. Or you just want to start from scratch and have us build you a vehicle that can run the Rubicon or the trails of Baja. We are the best at this task, give us a call.

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Just little bit about us

Deetz Performance Specialties has been crafting custom vehicles for over 30 years. This Bay Area business began by building primarily off-road vehicles, but as business grew satisfied customers began bringing their hot rods, classic cars and trucks, muscle cars and daily driver vehicles to the shop. Customers rely on Deetz’s experience and knowledge to deliver exceptional results on a variety of projects. Every vehicle that comes into Deetz Performance Specialties’ shop is handled with care and precision. Deetz’s award winning work has been showcased locally and nationally, and vehicles from their shop can be seen anywhere from the street, to Baja or featured on the front cover of a National magazine.

Here are just a few areas of the shop’s expertise:

  • Hot Rod and Classic Car & Truck fabrication and assembly.
  • Custom steering and suspension for any vehicle.
  • Disc brake conversions for any type of brake system.
  • Engine and transmission conversions that will perform when completed.
  • Rear-end gear changes and conversions for any vehicle.
  • Complete electrical wiring systems and repairs for any vehicle.
  • Custom front-end alignment.